Cuddle Care

Cuddle Care – Ages 6 weeks to 14 months

Our Frog Street gives our children a chance to focus on our Creative tools:

  1. Touch
  2. Smell
  3. Taste
  4. Listen
  5. Respond as requested

In Cuddle Care health and safety comes first. Regular diaper change and daily washing of the hands is a must. We focus on art, small motor skills and circle time.

Children and parents please do not wear shoes in the infant room. They must be taken off in the entrance. This helps to keep carpets more sanitary for crawling infants and children.

Our Infant participate in Art & Crafts by using their foot prints to make things come alive. Go to pictures to see the things come alive. Parents must supply three complete weather appropriate change of clothing.

In addition, disposable diapers, wipes, bibs, bottles & formula and ointments are required to be supplied and replace as needed.

** Rest Time – Children need 2 crib sheets

**Meals – Parents must supply all food and beverages for their infant.

  • All bottles must be labeled at all times. The staff will rinse the reusable bottles and return them daily.
  • All bowls, spoons and other meal time items must be labeled with the child’s name all times.

Our staff do not wear shoes in this room in order to help keep the room clean of debris. Parents are NOT allowed in this room for safety reasons, only if they are breast feeding.

Daily Schedule – 6:30am-7:00pm


Welcome/Breakfast/Naptime (infant directed) Free Play (Blocks/Puzzles, etc.)
9:00-9:15am Hand washing/Diaper Changing/Hand Washing
9:15-10:00am Circle time (Songs: ABC’s and Head & Shoulders) Hand Clap Games (Patty Cake/ Color Exercises
10:00-10:45am Outside Play (balls, ring toss,, etc. 12 – 23 months) (Community Nature Strolls 0 – 12 months)
10:45-11:15am Hand washing/Diaper Changing/Hand Washing/ Story Time (2 books)
11:15-12 noon Hand washing/Lunch Prep/Lunch is served
12:00-2:45pm Clean up/Hand washing/Nap time
2:45-3:00pm Wake up/Diaper Changes
3:00-3:30pm Hand Washing/Snack Prep/Snack is served/Hand washing
3:30-4:00pm Music and Movement/Songs/Playing of Instruments
4:00-4:30pm Outside Time/Morning Review of Circle and Story Time
4:30-4:45pm Hand washing/Diaper Changes/Hand washing
4:45-5:45pm Preparation for Arts and Crafts activity/Painting, coloring with crayons, using ink pads, etc….)
5:45-6:15pm Clean up/Hand washing
6:15-7:00pm Departure Time/Free play (Jungle gym/blocks/books) Tummy Time