Little Minions

Little Minions – Ages 14 to 23 Months

Toilet Training

Children should begin toilet training no sooner than 20 months. Forcing your child to train before he/she is ready can result in bed wetting, frequent accidents, constipation or regression in times of stress.

Some readiness signs to look for are:

  1. Language skills, the ability to say “potty” or some other term which indicated that your child needs to use the bathroom.
  2. An interest in staying dry or clean.
  3. Staying dry during nap time.

It is not a good idea to dress your child in overalls, pants with difficult fasteners or “onesies”. This will be frustrating for your child.

Your child’s readiness is something we can discuss because consistency between our homes will be very important. This is a “Special Time” for your child, a sign that he/she is growing up

Toilet training should be a good experience; punishment for accidents is very inappropriate!!!!!! The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative years.

It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits. It is also the period when roots for a love of learning are established.

Using Frog Street gives children ways of mastering the five domains in early learning:

  1. Social … learn to exist peacefully within ourselves and coexist with others.
  2. Physical…. (taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing
  3. Cognitive… to think, reason, and understand what’s happening
  4. Language… The ability to comprehend, utilize, and manipulate language may be the single most powerful skill a person can develop
  5. Emotional… Understanding your thoughts and feelings, and being able to relate to others

Daily Schedule – 7:30am – 7pm

7:30am-8:15am Welcome/Breakfast/Naptime (infant directed) Free Play (Blocks/Puzzles, etc.)
8:15-8:30am Bathroom break/Hand washing
8:30-10:00am Circle time (Songs: ABC’s and Head & Shoulders) Hand Clap Games (Patty Cake/ Color Exercises
10:00-10:45am Outside Play (balls, ring toss,, etc. 12 – 23 months) (Community Nature Strols 0 – 12 months)
10:45-11:15am Hand washing/Diaper Changing/Hand Washing/ Story Time (2 books)
11:30-11:50am Hand washing/Lunch Prep/Lunch is served
12 noon-2:45pm Clean up/Hand washing/Nap time
2:45-3:00pm Wake up/Diaper Changes
3:00-3:30pm Hand Washing/Snack Prep/Snack is served/Hand washing
3:30-4:00pm Music and Movement/Interactive Songs/Finger Rhymes
4:00-4:30pm Outside Time/Morning Review of Circle and Story Time
4:30-4:45pm Hand washing/Diaper Changes/Hand washing
4:45-5:45pm Preparation for Arts and Crafts activity/Painting, coloring with crayons, using ink pads, etc….)
5:45-6:15pm Clean up/Hand washing
6:15-7:00pm Departure Time/Free play (Jungle gym/blocks/books) Tummy Time